The Nigerian Cocoa Association

Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN) was established in 1986, and replaced the scrapped Nigeria Commodity Board (NCB). It was formed to meet the peculiar needs of cocoa farmers, stakeholders, development and others partners in ensuring the sustainability and development of the sector.


The Association is the private sector representative of Nigeria in all international organizations involved in cocoa, viz, International Cocoa Organization, Cocoa Producers Alliance, Common Fund for Commodities, etc.

Over the years it has prevailed on buyers of cocoa from Nigeria where issues have arisen bordering on quality, contract violations, trade regulations, government policies affecting cocoa marketing.

The Association initiated the setting up of the National Cocoa Development Committee under the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999.

The seed money for the running of the NCDC also came from CAN through its members’ Cocoa Buffer Stock Fund which was domiciled in the Central Bank of Nigeria. It was also the first to pay its counterpart fund for the running of the NCDC and remains the only stakeholder group to do so.

The Association (CAN) is guided by a constitution registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CACN) as a Company Limited by Guarantee.


Fostering Collaboration for Growth

Working with government and development partners to encourage the production of cocoa and improve the Nigerian cocoa value chain – moving Low value agriculture to high value manufacture making cocoa production attractive – especially to the youth population.

Empowering Farmers

By fostering technology transfer, knowledge transfer, business development; supporting training and education of farmers on best cocoa farm practices, pest and diseases control processes among others all geared to helping them make choices that help develop strong, prosperous cocoa communities.

Economic and Social Development

Providing a structured credit system for farmer, developing and institutionalizing a healthy cooperative society; supporting prudent informed reinvestment of financial resources thus promoting the Economic and Social Development of the Nigeria Cocoa Industry.

Promoting Knowledge and Development

By undertaking, promoting and encouraging scientific research aimed at improving the yield and quality of cocoa.

Level Playing Field

Securing the most favourable arrangement for the purchase, grading, certification, sale and export of cocoa.

Information and Technology

Adopting new age technology to advance information and communication among farmers and all other partners in Nigerian cocoa industry.

Market Regulation

Ensuring best market prices for Nigerian cocoa farmers through prudent market regulation, and investment in ICT driven information dissemination of real-time, global and national market prices.