Finding Investors

Technology is the total collection of any machines, processes, skills, techniques, or methods employed in the achievement of specific goals, including scientific investigation, in the manufacturing of goods or Services or in the successful accomplishment of specific objectives. The term technology was first used by James Clerk Maxwell, who distinguished it from science as the collection of things which are done by human beings for the sake of doing other things. Later the term became associated with technology. Technology involves the application of science to technology and to particular ends such as communication systems, information systems, transportation technologies, information technology, manufacturing technologies, health technologies, and the physical sciences. The study of technology also involves the social and cultural aspects of technological systems.


A tech company should be tech friendly. It should have well developed internal operations and should have well developed external operations. There are many tech companies around the world but not all of them are able to create a high value added service for their customers.

The top ten tech companies of the world are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Google, Cisco Systems, Prudential Financial, Microsoft, Analytic Systems, NEC, Sun Microsystems, EMC America, SAS Computer, ST Microcom, Crayola, Avaya, RIM, Sun Microsystems, Pivotal, Bell, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Microsoft Certified Systems, Cisco and Red Hat. It is amazing how the companies listed above are able to compete on an international level. The top ten companies listed above have the ability to deliver a unique offering to their customer. They use innovation, technology, innovation, tools, people, and communities to provide unique solutions to their customer. Each one of these components is key to being recognized as a top tech company in the world.

Being recognized as a top tech company may require having multiple ventures around the world. There are many startups in every region of the world, even though there seems to be a slowdown in the US startup boom. Many startups fail because they do not have a unique or exciting product or service to offer to their target market. Being a part of a startup accelerator can provide funding, mentoring, resources, technology, marketing, and support to a new business in order to make it successful. A startup accelerator may provide seed money, equity financing, or a combination of both to help a company get off the ground.

In order to be a top tech startup, there should also be a great deal of innovation in their area of expertise. Innovation should be at the forefront of the company’s efforts. Innovation should be used to drive their business model and to position the company as a leader in its field. Innovation is also used to test market ideas that can be implemented into the company’s existing offerings. When searching for a funding source or a mentor, investors are always looking for companies with a great amount of innovation.

Building a company from scratch takes time and research. If a company has an idea, but lacks the resources or the know-how, they can likely still become a successful technology company. A well-funded venture capital firm or private investor may be willing to provide a company with a seed investment as long as they see a substantial amount of research being done to develop the potential of the company. The downside to using outside funding sources is that there is no guarantee that the company will be successful. A well-funded venture capital firm or private investor is willing to take a chance on something risky if they believe that the company has the potential to be a great success.