Notebook Computers Is Small and Portable

A computer is a device that is programmed to perform certain mathematical or logical operations automatically, in response to some specific commands. Modern computers are able to do virtually any type of task, ranging from simple calculations all the way through intricate planning and complex decision-making processes. Computers are an integral part of scientific research, because they are used to store and retrieve data, to map patterns and relationships among different variables, to control an array of programs, and much more. Computers are often used to process information that cannot be processed directly in the human brain. In addition, computers are sometimes used to process financial transactions and other activities such as communicating with others. Computers have become an important part of our lives, and it has become necessary for most businesses to use computers in order to operate efficiently.


The computer itself is not a simple electronic device. In fact, it is made up of many different types of hardware, which all work together to provide its various capabilities. A personal computer can contain applications installed that perform different types of manual tasks, and these applications include operating systems, word processors, database management systems, and other similar applications. Modern computers also come with a variety of software applications that make it possible to perform many different types of activities.

When people talk about personal computers, they often refer to computers that only perform one specific function. Examples of these types of computers include minicomputers, which are usually based on a personal computer with a special application program that allows the user to dial telephone numbers by entering specific phone numbers. Another example of a microprocessor computer is the ATM, which is specifically designed to allow transactions between a cash register and a customer’s account. Other examples of specialized applications include application software for a computer network, a printer, scanners, and fax machines.

Computers have built-in devices that allow them to be connected to a display screen. These devices, which are generally referred to as a monitor or a CRT monitor, are commonly called a CRT, or “Cathode Ray Tube” computer monitor. Other types of monitors are LCD or “Liquid Crystal Display” monitors. A display screen is the part of a personal computer that projects an image onto a surface. One of the most widely used display screens in personal computers is the computer monitor.

Notebook computers are smaller than desktop computers but are designed for carrying around with the user. A notebook computer usually has a display screen that is about one third of the size of the computer itself. The benefit of a notebook computer is that it is very portable, while at the same time small enough to carry around with the user. Unlike a full-size computer, notebook computers often have a touch screen display, which makes it easier for the user to operate. The touch screen makes using a notebook computer more comfortable than using a typical desktop computer.

Portable computers, such as laptops are small enough to fit into a purse or pocket. However, unlike notebook computers, they are not as portable computers. Laptops are great for students who want to be able to use a computer at any location. For business professionals on the go, portable computers to help get their work done even on the go.