Primary School Vs Middle School

A school is an educational establishment designed to offer learning environments and learning spaces for the education of students under the guidance of qualified teachers. Generally, most countries have registries of school students, which can be compulsory. In such systems, prospective students progress from a primary school to a secondary school, from there to a junior school, and so on. The systems vary in other countries from the UK, where there are separate educational establishments for boys and girls. This practice is also adopted in the US and some other developed countries.


The primary school provides the basic educational facilities that the student requires. These are the toilet, water supply, electricity, and the like. The primary school is usually a small building without class room facilities. The students usually congregate in the canteen or communal hall to engage in various activities. For primary students, the school has a headmaster who is responsible for the running of the school.

Secondary school provides further educational facilities for the students. This is usually a bigger building with class room facilities. It has more facilities than primary school. The school has an administrative head, a vice-principal, a board of education, and a secretary.

Junior school provides the preparatory and specialized teaching facilities for students. This is a school above the elementary level. The students in this level cannot complete the basic levels at the primary school, but they are capable of studying further. There are more students in this level than primary level.

While choosing a school for your child, it is important to take into consideration the location of the school, the curriculum taught, the students’ progress and other necessary factors. Before you send your child to a particular school, you should find out whether the school has a good reputation, and if the school is licensed to conduct primary and secondary school. You should also check whether the school adheres to the guidelines and standards set by the state. Parents should also ensure that the school complies with the minimum requirements of the State.

You should seek help from the school counselor, the school principal, or any other person who can guide you in choosing the right school. If possible, you should talk to your child and know what he/she wants to achieve in school. You should not let your child do things on his/her own. If you have done your home work well, then your child will surely do just as you want him/her to do.