The 4 Major Types of People Who Read News

What is news? For our purposes here, news can mean any event that occurs, anywhere in the world. In our oversimplified definition, it means the reporting of news. Some examples include: breaking news, local news, international news, weather news, and sports news. Other examples are government news, railway news, and mining news.

” Journalism.” Journalism is the process of collecting and distributing news. This can be given through a variety of media: newspaper, television, radio, wire services, blogging, or by the oral testimony of witnesses and editors to events. Many newspapers and wire services have their own unique style of news organization. Others are more generalized, covering any and all types of media.

“Reporters.” News reporters gather and report newsworthy events that happen around the public. They may be active members of civic organizations, or they may just live in the area and simply want to be part of the local news. Reporters get to choose their stories, and in many cases, their own names will appear in the headlines of their reports.

“News readers.” People who read news are interested in what is happening in the world. They seek out and follow news that has been reported on in a fair and balanced way. News readers can be either complete strangers to the events being covered or they can be regular members of the public who simply want to know what is going on in their neighborhood, city, state, or country. Many people only become news readers when they need a story, and the rest of the time they are merely curious.

“Newspapers.” Newspapers are a primary source of news among most people. They get their news from a number of different sources, including many publications that do not have print coverage. Other papers publish news online or by fax or wire service, and these sources all make up the news organizations that people have come to know and love. Newspapers are also one of the most important sources of news for many of the largest news agencies because they give the newspapers their news.

“Televison viewers.” The television audience is large, as are the groups that often watch news, especially those who are very closely tuned to the news. These are often people who live in rural areas, and they are less likely to get any other types of news. Most television news is not watched by the entire population of the country, and those who do watch it rarely tune into local news unless there is a special occasion such as the Winter Olympics or a election.