The NSA, Spy Crap, and the “Gillgiesh Effect”


The NSA, Spy Crap, and the “Gillgiesh Effect”

News is defined by Webster as “a report of current, recent or complete news or information”. According to Oxford Dictionary, information or facts about current affairs. A news program or a television or radio program usually consisting of reports on current affairs. A simple presentation, as in an evening newscast or in a broadsheet magazine.

“The next big story is the talk of the town, and now the talk of Connecticut, with the mayor saying he would sign a sweeping media protection act if it passes. He wants to make news. But how does the Globe see this reaction from the state capitol, where reporters have been given marching orders for two weeks straight?”

Well, consider this the meaning of the words of the Declaration of Independence, Article IV: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, the press and speech, which are framers, promoters and authors of the Constitution of the United States of America.” These are all true statements, but why are they written in capital letters? I submit that it was necessary to italicize them in order to send a clear signal to the world that The United States of America did not accept slavery. You see, when you use words like “inaliam” or “serendipity” you send a very powerful message to the world about your purpose in writing those words. The Massachusetts Constitution, while it may have been passed just before the Revolutionary War, yet it was used as the ultimate trump card by the slave-holding states to prevent any attempt by the Federal government to infringe upon the rights of the slave-holding states to continue keeping slaves.

Another example of this is the infamous “filibuster dance,” which the Democrats used during the debates to try to stop any legislation that would be put forward to help re-elect President Bush. Here’s how it went down; (BEGIN TAB) “The President of the United States of America, George Washington, having ordered the raising of the flag at the beginning of the war in 1775, held it over the Potomac, until a signal be sent to the commanders at the Chesapeake Bay, ordering them to desist from such measure, which violates the Constitution of the United States!” Who could argue with that, one might say. And indeed, there are a lot of people who do, but if we examine the meaning of the words, we can see that the above is not really the case.

As we know, the ” Presidents’ Message” was a document that was to be delivered to the British House of Parliament by General George Washington, on behalf of the American military forces, and it was this same message that was also sent to the Continental Congress. Further, there was nothing in the language of the document that indicated anything about the government of the United States declaring bankruptcy or being forced into bankruptcy, as some people have tried to make us believe. In other words, the news media have been trying to foist this misinformation onto the American people. The reality is that the news media made that up, and it was not the intention of the writers, editors and producers of the news media to convey that message. If they had wanted to do that, they could have used the words “publishing the news to the world” or something to that effect, but they didn’t.

Now then, let’s move along to the next article in this series of Anti-NSAgery and Anti-Trust Issues in the News… The “Gillgiesh Effect” which dates all the way back to 2021. Why did the Government Accountability Office, which is part of the U.S. Government and headed by oversight hearings by the U.S. Congress, find that the NSA was spying on the United States Senate? Because someone was leaking classified information to a reporter that had gotten that information from a very high up source within the NSA. In other words, someone in the Government that was spying on American citizens was found to be doing it.