Types of Computer Software

A computer is an electronic machine, which can be programmed in order to perform mathematical or logical operations automatically, by the use of instructions that are stored in its memory. Modern computers are able to do almost all kinds of calculations using already prearranged sets of instructions. In fact, modern computers can do almost all kinds of operations and tasks, which are regarded as the common tasks of life. Computers are used in a variety of tasks such as calculating data, displaying images, tracking movements of people and vehicles on the screen, and controlling machinery. These computers also play an important role in telecommunication and other areas of information technology.


Computers are also used in computer networking. This is the process by which two or more computers are connected to each other over a network of communication devices. The Internet, for example, makes use of computer networking in order to send files and data quickly across the Internet. Computer networking therefore is one of the vital elements of the IT world.

There are different types of computers, which are available today. Some of them are desktop, laptop, tablet PC, tablet computers, web machines and virtual personal computer (VPC). Desktop computers are the smaller sized ones which are used by most people in the household. Laptops and tablet PCs are the medium sized ones, which can easily be carried around in a bag. Notebooks, which are small laptops, are the most popular types of these computers. Tablets are the largest of the three and have become very useful for people who need to use applications while they travel.

There are different types of computers available, based on their speed and capacity. General-purpose computers are those which can be used by anyone. They are usually manufactured in large numbers and are therefore affordable. These computers come with many different features and are suitable for general use. On the other hand, there are specific types of computers available, which are made specifically for particular purposes.

There are many types of computers available, based on their processing power. There are general-purpose personal computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, digital computers and hybrid computers. General-purpose computers are usually the cheapest ones, and are mostly used by the masses. Hybrid computers, on the other hand, are much more powerful than general-purpose computers, but are much more expensive than the latter.

In case of desktop computers, the operating system and hardware components are housed in a single unit. The user just needs to install the necessary programs, and press the start button, to start using the desktop computer. Laptop computers, on the other hand, have different components, like the monitor, keyboard and CPU integrated together in one unit, which makes them much more convenient to use. Digital personal computer software refers to any type of computer software that aids in creating, editing, printing, managing and running applications. This type of computer software is also used in digital TV, DVD and CD players, mobile phones, PDA’s, set top boxes, etc. To get full benefit of digital computer software, one needs to have a high-speed Internet connection.